How To Gain Weight In Stomach Sufferers With Oatmeal?

Illustration of How To Gain Weight In Stomach Sufferers With Oatmeal?
Illustration: How To Gain Weight In Stomach Sufferers With Oatmeal?

In the afternoon, I want to ask, u003cbr u003I have a weight of 48 with a height of 166 and I am classified as malnourished, well here I want to be fattened and I have been fitness for 2 months with a small and frequent eating pattern, for example 4 times a day and drink a night oatmeal + banana juice + fruit juice (like buavita) with a calorie count of up to 900 for the juice itself. I can’t eat a lot because my stomach is full easily, just like my father and my friends. U003cbr u003e u003cbr u003 My inhibition is that my stomach recurs frequently, for example I have been gaining weight for a month and I managed to gain 2 kg, Suddenly the next day, my stomach felt bloated (excess gas production) and caused me to be unable to eat because I was full of wind, even though I was able to pass wind through farts, many times, the gas still continued to produce so I could be bloated for long. 1-2 days nonstop, sometimes I can’t even fart, it causes me not to eat at all. It feels like I’m full of wind and I happen to be the one who can’t burp, so it’s just waiting to fart. If that happens (I can’t fart, and I get bloated constantly), then I vomit with wind, so it’s not burping, but vomiting contractions but only wind that comes out (no acid or food). U003cbr u003e ~ My secondary question, is it? there is a way to eliminate gas production? because I have tried it with gastric acid neutralizing drugs, inhibitors of stomach acid production, and also drugs that speed up digestion and relieve nausea, (ranitidine, promag, milanta, omeprazole, domperidone) just keep on producing gas and still bloated / full of gas. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e ~ My main question, when I can’t eat rice / normal, then I replace it with consuming oatmeal (instant red oatmeal quaker) a day 36-48 spoons, can I maintain my weight (not lose) or ride? As far as I know, oatmeal is a special food for dieters, but it’s a lot of calories, for example 4 tablespoons alone (1 serving = 4 tablespoons / 35grams) is up to 140, for example, if I forced to eat 12 spoons that afternoon, I already got 420 calories / equivalent of eating a plate of rice with a side dish. Then I consume it again (by blending or digadoin) up to a total of 1680 calories that day, will my weight continue / or increase / at least not decrease? or even down because after all oatmeal is specifically for diet people? thanks. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003enote: u003cbr u003e- I consumed instant oatmeal quaker (red) with only use of water. So it’s really a pure count of 4 spoons / 140calories. U003cbr u003e- last month when my stomach relapsed, I could only eat half a plate in the morning and half a plate at night, the result in a day I lost half a kg u003cbr u003e- moment that I have not tried oatmeal, u003cbr u003e do not recommend milk to fatten my body, because I suffer from lactose intolerance (drink milk the next day having diarrhea and instead lose weight / not fluctuate) u003cbr u003e I don’t dare to drink soy milk too because recently the excitement that the results of research soy milk can cause cancer. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e Please for the best advice, thanks u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Oatmeal is indeed a good food for the body. This is because there are more than 50 nutrients in oatmeal such as carbohydrates, fiber, fat, protein, vitamins B1, B2, B3, calcium, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, and many more. And it is true that in terms of calorie counts, the calories provided by oatmeal are more than rice with the same weight.

But what needs to be understood is why even though oatmeal has a higher calorie content than rice, it is an option for those who want to diet or lose weight, is because oatmeal contains fiber and complex carbohydrates which are harder for the body to digest, so that a person can be full longer . The sensation of feeling full faster and a feeling of fullness that lasts longer is what then encourages the person not to eat much, and in the end, the weight will tend to stabilize or even lose. In contrast to rice which is a simple carbohydrate and easy to digest. People who eat rice will feel hungry more easily and can eat more food, besides the taste of rice which is also better than bland oatmeal.

So in your case, for those of you who want to gain weight, especially if you state that you are a person who tends to be full faster, consuming oatmeal which has the effect of making people full faster is not a very right decision. Especially if you only mix the oatmeal without any additional food, even though we said at the beginning that oatmeal contains a lot of nutrients, that doesn't mean you just eat oatmeal throughout the day because even though there are nutrients, it's not enough. You still need other foods to meet your daily protein, fat, vitamin and mineral needs.

Even if you say that you can force yourself to eat more oatmeal and fight the feeling of fullness you feel, imagine how much you could actually consume if it were rice or some other food source that didn't have a filling effect. Because basically, oatmeal is for those who want to maintain or lose weight and to lower cholesterol, not for those who want to gain weight. So when there are people who eat oatmeal but gain weight, it is precisely because there is a 'mistake' in consuming the oatmeal, such as consuming oatmeal with added fried foods, oatmeal with thick chocolate sauce, consuming oatmeal that has been sweetened, and the like. In this condition, the addition is not because of the oatmeal itself, but because of the 'topping'.

Then last but not least, because you mentioned calories, you must know how much your daily calorie needs are. If your daily calorie requirement is 2200, because suppose your metabolism is high, you are easily stressed, you have a lot of activity and you exercise regularly, if you only meet 1680, it is clear that you will not gain weight. For more details and details regarding this problem of food and calorie intake, our advice is that you should consult a nutritionist or a personal trainer at the gym.

For bloating problems, bloating can be caused by various things such as increased stomach acid, infections of the digestive tract, eating too fast, talking too much, colitis and food itself, such as cabbage, mustard greens, apples, onions, and onions. Bloating medications include those you have already mentioned. If your bloating problem doesn't go away, you should check with an internal medicine doctor for further tests, as well as maybe check for a tendency towards thyroid disorders, because one of the symptoms is difficulty gaining weight.

Lastly, soy milk doesn't just cause cancer. Even if it's related, it's definitely not to be generalized just like that. There must be various kinds of factors at play such as lifestyle, stress, heredity and so on. For weight gain, we suggest returning to rice, multiply side dishes in the form of meat and other high protein foods such as chicken breast, tempeh, tofu and seafood, and rest and exercise regularly according to your ability. So, hopefully it answers your question.

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