How To Gain Weight Naturally And Healthily?

Illustration of How To Gain Weight Naturally And Healthily?
Illustration: How To Gain Weight Naturally And Healthily?

hello, i want to ask. how to increase body weight naturally and healthy? I have eaten a lot but there has been no increase in my weight.

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Hello, good night Dewi ...

If you have tried various ways (one of them by increasing the amount of your food intake) but your weight does not go up, then you should focus more on finding out the cause first. There are several possibilities that cause a person's weight to not increase, such as:

intake of food, type of food, and inadequate dietary genetic factors (heredity), where there are members of your family who are underweight calories released through daily physical activity that is not proportional to the intake of food / calories obtained through food with certain diseases , such as: chronic digestive disorders, such as tuberculosis, amoeba infections or hyperthyroidism worms etc.

We recommend that you consult your complaint with a nutrition specialist, so that the cause of your weight gain is not known and the next step in handling it. Your doctor may recommend a number of investigations to help diagnose the cause of the complaint you are experiencing, such as blood lab tests, lung x-rays, stool labs, etc.

While waiting for your doctor's schedule, here are some tips we can give to help you increase weight:

do not leave breakfast eat more often with smaller portions choose foods that are high in sources of lean protein, such as tofu, tempeh, and skinless chicken meat consumption of many fruits and vegetables snack consumption in between breaks during the main meal. Limit snacks that are processed by frying in oil immersion (fried) add calories in each of your food, for example, sprinkle grated cheese, add eggs, etc. exercise, because exercise can increase your resting appetite sufficiently

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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