How To Get A 6 Month Old Baby To Eat?

Illustration of How To Get A 6 Month Old Baby To Eat?
Illustration: How To Get A 6 Month Old Baby To Eat?

Hello … r nMy son is now 6 months old. And he is now full of milk because my milk has been exhausted. Now I start giving information. But my child does not want to eat. Bribed sometimes shut up. Sometimes the spoon is pushed using its tongue out. Almost every time I feed, he cries. What I want to ask is r n1. What do I have to do to get my child to eat? R n2. Is it good if I feed it with eztra virgin oil (evoo) or unsalted butter or broth water for flavoring food?

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Hello Dina, thank you for the question to

There are many reasons for children who are just starting MPASI not to eat, some of which are:

the child is not hungry (for example MPASI is given some time after being given milk) the child is too hungry (the child becomes too fussy so does not want to try something new given) the child is too tired and sleepy the child is not familiar with the food given (for example the texture is too rough) teething, sprue, or moldy mouth the child is sick, for example being coughing colds, diarrhea, bloating and constipation, or having an ear infection, etc. and many other causes Some things you can try to do:

Choose the right time to give MPASI for children, do not get too close to the time of drinking milk, do not get too close to bedtime so that the child does not get sleepy Give the distance between formula feeding and MPASI giving at least 1.5-2 hours If the child is too hungry, give a little first formula milk so that children are not too fussy Do not ever force children to eat. Basically, most of the nutrients at this age are still obtained from breast milk / infant formula, so that children eat only a little is okay. Don't force children to spend their food. Pay attention to the texture of the food, make sure the texture is appropriate for its age. Also make sure you provide food that is nutritionally complete and balanced for the baby. Don't give excessive distraction when the child is eating (for example given toys or being given a spectacle) You may add oil in baby food (even recommended), added oil may be any oil, vegetable oil is no problem as long as it's new, EVOO and unsalted butter may also be given, you can also provide broth as a food flavoring.

The following is a link to giving an MPASI guide from IDAI (Indonesian pediatrician association) and an article on how to deal with a difficult eating baby that you can read.

If the child continues to have difficulty eating, let alone his weight does not rise or even fall, you should immediately consult with a pediatrician and do not delay.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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