How To Get A Healthy Pregnancy After A History Of Curettage 2 Times?

Illustration of How To Get A Healthy Pregnancy After A History Of Curettage 2 Times?
Illustration: How To Get A Healthy Pregnancy After A History Of Curettage 2 Times?

Mat afternoon doctor I want to ask. I already had 2x curette, 7 months apart during pregnancy, the first curette was diagnosed by the doctor, BO, then I got pregnant afterwards, the baby came from ultrasound but didn’t have a heartbeat. Before Eid, I curated a miscarriage and came out when I was about to stand in the form of a blood clot in the fetal sac. I am so confused with this situation, doctor. How about a pregnancy when my baby is healthy and born safely. This is my struggle, the doctor, about his advice

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Hello Evi.

Thank you for the question.

Miscarriage or abortion is the threat or the release of the result of conception before 20 weeks of pregnancy or the fetus weighs less than 500 grams. Abortion can occur by itself or is called a spontaneous abortion and can also be due to medical action, drugs, or deliberately called provocatal abortion. Causes of abortion are caused by factors from the mother, father or the cause of the fetus itself. The causes of the fetus are mostly due to genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

Causative factors from the mother include:

infections during pregnancy such as TORCH hormonal disorders: hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, progesterone deficiency malnutrition drug use smoking alcohol consumption immunological factors or immune disorders uterine disorders or polycystic ovaries blood clotting factor disorders Father's causative factors can be caused by sperm abnormalities.

Symptoms of the abortion:

bleeding from the vagina, severe abdominal pain and stiffness, partial discharge as a result of conception. The uterus is smaller than the actual pregnancy size. Not all abortions require curettage. In some conditions pregnancy can be maintained. Pregnancy that requires curettage such as:

Blighted ovum or BO or the fetus does not develop, cleaning the uterus due to residual abortion or residual pregnancy. Blighted ovum is a pregnancy where the fetus is not formed or a pregnancy without an embryo. The cause:

chromosomal abnormalities, TORCH infection, factors of maternal age and number of maternal births (parity), smoking and alcohol consumption. Consult your Gynecologist for this in order to know the exact cause so you can plan a pregnancy again. Having had a miscarriage does not mean you can't get pregnant properly, you need further tests for this and family support.

The suggestions that I can give:

check yourself for TORCH infection status consume only cooked or cooked food regular exercise consumption of healthy nutritious food and balanced do not smoke and consume alcohol maintain ideal body weight before and during pregnancy immunization according to doctor's recommendations during pregnancy Hope my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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