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Illustration: How To Get Pregnant Fast

I am 38th 7m, already 5th married but not yet pregnant. 10 months ago I had myoma removed, but until now I haven’t been able to get pregnant. What type of food or medicine should I consume, so that I can get pregnant soon? Thank you.

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Hello Puna,

Thank you for the question.

Myoma is a benign tumor originating from the uterine muscle lining. This condition, if not handled properly, can make it more difficult for you to get pregnant, and even if you are pregnant, the risk is quite high (because it is prone to cause miscarriage, premature labor, fetal development barriers, as well as excessive post-saline bleeding). Therefore, myoma should be treated early so that these complications can be prevented.

There are several types of operations that can be done to treat the myoma, there is enough to remove the myoma alone, but there are also those who remove the entire uterus with or without the adnex. Need to be clarified first, which myoma operation did you go through before?

If what you are undergoing is the surgical removal of the myoma, then indeed you are still likely to get pregnant. Although indeed, compared to women who have never experienced a myoma at all, and have never had any surgery at all around their reproductive organs, the potential for this pregnancy will be smaller. You and your partner can consult directly with your obstetrician, such as what type of pregnancy program you can both do. Before that, doctors will often recommend that you both undergo fertility checks, such as blood tests, hormone tests, ultrasound, HSG, sperm analysis, and so on.

Independently, so that the potential for pregnancy is greater, it is recommended for you and your partner to:

More regular sex, every 1-3 days
Eat lots of foods that contain antioxidants, especially vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid (for example vegetables, seeds, sprouts, fruit, red meat, sea fish, fish oil, etc.)
Do not get used to consuming instant food and preservatives
Do not think too much, be diligent in relaxation
Exercise regularly, and maintain your ideal body weight
Drink a lot of water
Do not smoke
Stay away from drugs and alcohol
Do not carelessly take drugs, herbs, or fertilizer supplements, without the advice of a doctor

Hope this helps ...

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