How To Get Pregnant Twins Fast?

Illustration of How To Get Pregnant Twins Fast?
Illustration: How To Get Pregnant Twins Fast?

, I just born for 1 year. my first menstruation 28 December 2019 kmrentrus 28 January 2020 I did not menstruate until now 2 February. Incidentally I just HB with a husband 1 February evening when I was exclusive breastfeeding and HB only 1x in a month. I am pregnant with my second child, and I really want to have baby twins. I can give advice and input

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Hello Echaballwel,

A woman can ovulate (the fertile period - release of eggs) at different times after delivery. A woman who gives exclusive breastfeeding (ASI every 2-3 hours) without giving additional food to the baby until the age of 6 months, can only return to menstruation after> 6 months. A woman who has menstruated again means she can get pregnant again, even ovulation can occur before menstruation occurs in some women. Therefore there are women who have even become pregnant again after <6 months postpartum.

At the time of breastfeeding menstruation that you experience may be irregular because there are hormonal effects that arise with nipple stimulation and expenditure of milk. Normally pregnancy is more likely if sexual intercourse is carried out during the fertile period. This fertile period can be counted 14 days from the date of the next menstruation. Of course it will be difficult to determine from the date if the menstrual period is not regular. There are several ways of knowing this ovulation period which is marked by:

 Increased basal body temperature Leucorrhoea increases clearer, thinner, and elastic Sexual arousal increases Mild pain in the lower abdomen no (ovulation predictor kit). Having sex routinely 2-3 days during the 4-5 days period before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

If you give birth normally the recommended distance to get pregnant again is a minimum of 12 months. It is intended that the reproductive organs have returned to normal and you have enough time interval to interact with the first child and provide enough milk for him. For women who give birth by cesarean section to get pregnant again is recommended at least 18-24 months.

Normally when ovulation only one egg is released, in twin pregnancies that may occur are:

 Two eggs are released and each fertilized by sperm One egg cell is released and then fertilized by one sperm cell, but the result of fertilization then divides into 2 embryos Some factors related to the increased possibility of twin pregnancy are:

 Advanced maternal age Twin mother or family history of twins Pregnancy through artificial insemination You can consult further with an obstetrician to check the condition of your uterus and prepare for the next pregnancy. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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