How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On The Face?

Illustration of How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On The Face?
Illustration: How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On The Face?

Good morning, I want to know how to get rid of black spots on my face? And how to find out the type of skin Please explain, thank you

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Hello Adam, Thank you for the question.

Black spots are skin problems that can be experienced by anyone and not infrequently interfere with one's appearance. Black spots are the presence of dark spots on the skin due to increased production of skin pigment (melanin) especially after sun exposure (ultraviolet light (UV light)). This increase in melanin production also depends on genetic factors. This condition is generally harmless and does not develop into cancer. There are a number of treatments that you can do to overcome this condition:

use whitening cream
using retinoid cream

Please consult with your skin specialist first so that the doctor can do a direct examination of your skin and determine the next appropriate treatment. You are also advised to limit outdoor activities from 10 am to 4 pm, use sunscreen if you are outdoors, or wear protection such as a hat or standing in the shade.

Human skin types basically consist of four types. To find out the type of skin you have, you just pay attention to the condition of your skin. The following are the types of human skin:

normal skin types: rarely have skin problems, skin pores appear small or even invisible, and the face looks radiant
oily skin types: the face looks dull, the skin pores look large, found in hair or acne
dry skin type: skin feels not elastic, may be reddish, broken or flaky, pores are not visible, fine lines appear on the skin
combination skin types: oily skin in the T area (nose and forehead) but dry / normal in other areas
sensitive skin types: skin easily reddens, peels, reddish or sore

Please pay attention to your skin carefully. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist if you are still unsure of your skin type.

Please also read the article: How to treat skin based on skin type

Hopefully this information is useful.

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