How To Get Rid Of Bruises On Calves?

Illustration of How To Get Rid Of Bruises On Calves?
Illustration: How To Get Rid Of Bruises On Calves?

My doctor has a complaint about bruising on my calf legs, I have bruises since junior high, the bruises become hardened, so when my calves are pressed like there are hard lumps on my calves. makes it difficult for me to walk normally.

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A hardened, painful bruise rash may be caused by a history of injuries, both consciously or unconsciously. This condition, should be handled properly so as not to cause more severe tissue damage. Here are the steps you can take:

Compress bruises with warm water Avoid massaging bruised areas Always wear comfortable, loose, soft trousers Avoid activities that are at risk of causing injury around the calves, for example playing ball, etc. Do not carelessly apply or consume drugs without doctor's advice Elevate your feet bruising during sleep, for example by hanging up or propped up with pillows If the bruise does not improve with the steps above, we recommend that you be aware of other possible causes of bruising, for example bleeding disorders (such as hemophilia, leukemia, thrombocytopenia, vitamin K deficiency), benign tumors or malignant infections, such as abscesses or cellulitis, insect bites, and so on. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist to be given the right treatment according to the conditions that underlie your complaints.

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