How To Get Rid Of Growing Warts On Toes?

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Excuse me, I have some warts on my feet which are located on some of my toes. The warts have been around for about 2-3 years. I have been treated with medicine on the advice of the doctor at the puskesmas, but the medicine ran out but the warts still haven’t healed and are getting worse. .so is there anything I can do to get rid of these warts quickly because these warts are very disturbing to my activities?

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A wart is an overgrowth of skin tissue due to a viral infection. The form of warts is usually in the form of a red-brown to black growth that can be itchy.

Warts can grow anywhere due to viral infection that is in direct contact with your body.

To get rid of warts you can use several methods. But before use, of course, an examination will be needed to determine the type of skin condition on your feet that you are experiencing.

With a physical examination the doctor can recognize warts and provide treatment in the form of:

Topical topical medication, especially for your own skin type and a little. There are various types of medicine, starting from trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, and imiquimod which require a doctor's prescription to purchase. Ablation method, using treatment such as laser light, cautery, frozen cut or minor surgery performed by a competent expert (doctor). Generally this method is used for many types of warts and clusters. Selection of the type of treatment will be tailored to the condition of your warts.

Avoid touching the warts (either yourself or others), if inadvertent contact wash your hands immediately with soap and running water. Keep your feet clean and change socks at least once every 3 days or every other day.

I hope this helps.

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