How To Get Rid Of Itching Due To Hair Dye?

Illustration of How To Get Rid Of Itching Due To Hair Dye?
Illustration: How To Get Rid Of Itching Due To Hair Dye? Bing

I want to ask how to get rid of the itching in my head. and also remove the scabs that spread to my face

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Hello Bagong Strike,

Itching experienced on your scalp can be caused by:

Allergy or irritation due to the use of hair dye Psoriasis Dandruff Ringworm

In the use of hair dye, if it causes a mismatch on your skin, such as causing allergies, it can certainly cause disruption to the surrounding area such as the face. The appearance of scabs can be caused by an irritating reaction to the skin or a bacterial infection such as impetigo or it can also be caused by a scratching wound.

Avoid scratching the itchy area to prevent secondary infection due to scratching wounds, wash with cold water, avoid using hair dye again and avoid using medication on your head without a doctor's advice or before checking with a doctor.

In this condition, you should consult a doctor to conduct an examination both on the area that has scabs or on the scalp that is experiencing disturbances so that the cause of the itchy scalp that you are experiencing can be identified through a physical examination and also supporting examinations such as skin scrapings taken from the affected skin. have abnormalities to find out the cause of itching on the scalp so that the appropriate treatment can be done according to the cause of the complaint.

I hope this information is helpful.


dr. Irvandi

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