How To Get Rid Of Keloids?

Illustration of How To Get Rid Of Keloids?
Illustration: How To Get Rid Of Keloids?

I want to ask, can wounds that are still wet use glyderm or the like to prevent keloids? And if you can’t prevent it that way then how can you prevent the keloid from growing?

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Keloids occur when scar tissue continues to grow beyond the injury. In general keloids are not dangerous, but their presence can interfere with appearance and sometimes can also be painful or itchy.

To prevent keloids the most important is to prevent the occurrence of wounds, avoid using a razor, keep the wound area clean, treat wounds, and try to avoid scars exposed to sunlight for 3 months. Regarding the use of scars remedies, scars remedies should be used after the wound has healed.

It is not advisable to use a scar remover when the wound is still wet because it is feared that it can inhibit wound healing, trigger irritation, or infection. If the wound is still wet, you should treat the wound first. If you see a doctor, the doctor can give an ointment or cream to prevent infection so that the wound heals faster. After the wound heals, then you can use a scar removal cream to prevent scarring and keloid formation.

If keloids still appear, you can consult directly with your doctor so that further treatment can be given. keloid treatment includes corticosteroid injection, flourouracil injection, laser, cryotherapy, silicone gel, interferon, and radiation.

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