How To Get Rid Of Mold?

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I have fungal marks on my legs, chest and thighs. And I’m looking for a way to get rid of the fungus on google. He said by applying toothpaste (pepsodent) to a step and let it dry and then wipe with hot water, do it every day. Is that true ? And what are the benefits of toothpaste? And have no effect?

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Hi Akmalmaulana. Are the scars from your yeast infection a darker color? If it is darker, it can be said to be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which occurs due to excessive melanin response after injury. This condition occurs when there is an injury, inflammation, infection, on the skin. In general, the treatment is in the form of using sunscreen, using certain ointments such as those containing hydroquinone, using lasers, and peeling. Consult your dermatologist about this especially to get the best treatment for you.

In addition, other effects on the skin due to inflammation or infection are not only darkening of the skin, but can be redness and in general the treatment itself can be in the form of lasers.

Consult further with your doctor about the condition you are experiencing, especially with a dermatologist. Avoid using the material carelessly on the part to avoid further irritation. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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