How To Get Rid Of Pox Scars?

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7 years ago I caught chicken pox, and until now the scars don’t go away. There’s still a bit of black, sort of pockmarked. Can it be removed?

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Hello Gibor

Not infrequently chickenpox leaves scars that are quite disturbing appearance, these scars appear due to blistered skin (filled with fluid) and then breaks so that the wound is what eventually leaves scars.

Some of the ways that can be done are

Using a whitening cream, to lighten the part that is a bit blackish Using silicone gel that is applied to the chicken pox scars Dermabrasion to improve the skin structure that appears higher or lower than the surrounding Laser light therapy Injection of drugs such as steroids such as Cryotherapy, which is a method of therapy by freezing the area who want to be treated Until surgery
If Gibor wants to undergo the above medical procedure, you should first consult a dermatologist, so that the appropriate action can be given according to your needs based on the results of the medical evaluation that has been carried out by the doctor.

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