How To Get Rid Of Sounds Like Having The Flu In A Newborn?

Illustration of How To Get Rid Of Sounds Like Having The Flu In A Newborn?
Illustration: How To Get Rid Of Sounds Like Having The Flu In A Newborn?

Mlm, my child is now 4 months old, and from the birth of a voice in the nose like having a cold (said org at birth is not clean enough to suck the dirt in his nose) I have been sun-dried every morning until now, how is the solution y, including

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What do you mean by a sound like a cold is the child's breath sounds ringing? If yes, what sound did you hear that?

There are various breath sounds that are heard in babies, not all of them indicate abnormalities or dangerous, and not all of them require certain therapy. Regarding the cleansing of the baby's airway at birth, actually not all babies also need to clean the airway at birth. Babies born with clear amniotic fluid and can breathe themselves (crying immediately) at birth do not need help cleansing the airways. The baby will swallow and remove its own amniotic fluid in the respiratory tract and the respiratory tract will also absorb the remaining amniotic fluid itself. Not cleaning the baby's airways at birth will not cause prolonged breathing (such as breathing sounds).

To find out the cause of your baby's breath that sounds, it must be clearly known what kind of sound you hear and of course you should do a check directly on the baby's nose and airway. For example, sounds such as mucus in the nose and airway can indicate airway infections in babies or babies who are choking on milk, breathing sounds like nasal congestion can be caused by air breathing that is too dry, respiratory infections, airway obstruction or nasal passages, allergy or irritation to the baby's airways, snoring sounds can be caused by narrowing of the baby's small airways, sounds such as high-pitched, high-pitched snoring can be caused by laryngomalasia (weakness in the cartilage around the airways so that the airways deflate when breathing), and so forth.

To find out the solution, of course the cause must be sought first. We recommend that you take your baby to the pediatrician to be examined further. As long as your baby doesn't look crowded, doesn't interfere with sleep or drink milk, the sounds when the baby breathes is generally not a serious problem.

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