How To Get Rid Of Trauma And Feelings Of Loneliness?

Illustration of How To Get Rid Of Trauma And Feelings Of Loneliness?
Illustration: How To Get Rid Of Trauma And Feelings Of Loneliness?

My doctor wants to ask and tell. I was traumatized by screaming because I used to have a family problem that often arises and heard that scream until fear arose in me. Until now the trauma is still there. And also … Because I don’t have friends who can be invited to communication, parents who lack respect, so I feel alone, lonely and so not good at socializing, to get rid of that feeling I relieve it on ‘something’ that is not good and that can slightly dispel this feeling. I’m only 17 years old. Do you think this is a psychological illness? Then what is the name of the disease and how to eliminate this trauma and feelings of loneliness?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the discomfort you feel.

There are a number of possibilities that can cause complaints as you submit. It should be understood that psychological related problems still require direct examination by a doctor to be able to ascertain the cause. Some possible causes that often include:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (the presence of shadows or dreams about repeated traumatic events, accompanied by feelings of discomfort when remembering the event, causing hindaya in carrying out daily activities, appear within a minimum of 6 months after the event severe traumatic)

Comprehensive anxiety disorder (excessive anxiety and worry, sometimes about illogical things, lasting throughout the day, felt within> = 6 months, can be accompanied by motor tension such as headache, trembling, palpitations)

Panic disorders (sudden panic attacks, recurring, do not know the time and location, fear always appears because of panic attacks that continue to occur, can be accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, nausea, shortness, feelings like being strangled, numb, more common in young women)

You are advised to consult directly with your doctor or psychiatric specialist to evaluate the history of complaints and related biopsychosocial factors. Physical examination and supporting examinations as indicated also need to be done by a doctor. Through this series of evaluation processes, the doctor will plan appropriate treatment. Supportive psychotherapy can be given by your doctor to help you manage stress, identify symptoms, and control yourself when complaints arise. If there are indications, your doctor may also give you medicines to help you feel more comfortable and help with illness.

At home, you are advised to be able to talk about complaints that are felt to those closest to you who believe you can support therapy. Support from the people closest to you is very instrumental in helping the successful handling of problems. In addition, you are also encouraged to continue the activities that you enjoy in order to channel your feelings through positive things. Thus information from us. May be useful.

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