How To Handle Hemoglobin Levels Below 12 Years Of Age?

Illustration of How To Handle Hemoglobin Levels Below 12 Years Of Age?
Illustration: How To Handle Hemoglobin Levels Below 12 Years Of Age?

Noon My child is 12 years old at the moment Hb 7.3 platelets 525 for hematocrit and mch or who is below normal does my child have to be transfused … at this time there will be tibc and ferritin … what is the diagnosis and what is severe or not?

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Hello Solati, Thank you for the question.

The condition your child has is known as anemia. Anemia is a condition in which hemoglobin (Hb / Hgb) levels are below normal levels. Hemoglobin is a protein contained in red blood cells that functions to bind oxygen. When hemoglobin levels are low, the sufferer's body can experience lack of oxygen so that the sufferer will experience symptoms of fatigue and pallor. Anemia can be caused by blood loss, impaired red blood cell production, or abnormal breakdown of red blood cells (too fast). The following are some of the causes of anemia:

iron deficiency
deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid
aplastic anemia
hemolytic anemia
sickle cell anemia
anemia due to chronic diseases

Iron deficiency anemia is anemia caused by iron deficiency. Iron is one of the elements needed in the formation of red blood cells. If the body experiences iron deficiency, the production of red blood cells can be disrupted. This anemia is one type of anemia that often occurs. Total iron binding capacity (TIBC) and ferritin are blood tests that aim to determine whether the cause of this anemia is iron deficiency. TIBC results indicate the body's ability to bind iron while ferritin levels indicate iron reserves in the body. If the amount is low, the anemia is caused by iron deficiency. However, if the results are normal, the doctor will conduct further blood tests such as blood smear examination, spinal cord examination, and others to look for the cause of anemia in your child. Further treatment will be given by the doctor according to the cause of anemia. Blood transfusion will usually be recommended by a doctor if there are certain indications, including if the hemoglobin level is very low or bleeding is still active in the body. Please discuss further with the pediatrician who is treating your child if you still have further questions.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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