How To Handle Yellow Babies?

Illustration of How To Handle Yellow Babies?
Illustration: How To Handle Yellow Babies?

We Are Ready to Help You r n r nFormat SMS Birth Info: 1) azzam khalif son of yandika r n2) 27 November 2018 r n3) body weight 2400gram, length 49 cm Birth of cesarean r n4) Name aliyah supriyanti, Mobile number 085694416292, and Mother’s age 29 th r n5) Name yudi andika, mobile number + 6281585418708, and father’s age 30th r n6) Address kampung gardu rt 03/01 serpong r n7) Hospital place in a healthy home care indonesian hospital serpong r n8) When does the baby go home on 1 u0026amp; date 4 r n r nBackground r nOn the 27 nov 2018 my wife gave birth to a baby boy to 2 children my baby is underweight and drinking amniotic fluid and treated at RIS hospital serpong by cesarean section because my baby was breached And on 1 December 2018 my baby was allowed to play at 7:00 p.m. from RIS hospital r n r nOn 2 hours 4:00 a.m. my baby dropped and was rushed back to RIS hospital at that time my father was rejected because he was waiting 7 days after he could be used again I was asked for DP money by 2 million and IGD 400 thousand r n r nOn the 4th of December 2018 at 22:00 my baby was allowed to play by RH Skit’s RIS with an additional fee of 575rb r n r nOn the 5th of December, my baby was dropped again. because they have to be incubated and treated at the hospital HERMINA SERPONG r n r nThe yellow body of the breast does not want to go in

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Hello Yudi, thank you for the question to

Yellow is actually a fairly common condition in newborns. Yellow in babies can be caused by high levels of bilirubin (yellow pigment) in the baby's blood. Yellow in newborns themselves are physiological (normal) and others are not. The physiological yellow usually begins to appear when the baby is 2 to 4 days old and will disappear on its own within 2 weeks. This physiological jaundice usually does not cause certain problems in infants and bilirubin levels are not high until they reach dangerous levels. Several factors increase the risk of developing yellow in infants:

babies born prematurely
babies with low birth weight
there are differences in blood type or rhesus between mother and baby
there are complications in the form of cephalhematoma because labor is difficult
infection in infants
the presence of certain diseases in infants such as sickle cell anemia, deficiency of certain metabolic enzymes, disorders of the liver and biliary tract, certain genetic diseases, etc.
lack of oxygen / hypoxia in infants
in infants who are breastfed, sometimes also breastfeeding that is lacking can cause yellow in babies in the first week after birth.

If the yellow that is experienced by your child until it is visible to the ends of the hands and feet, your baby has decreased consciousness (sleep continues), do not want to suckle / milk can not enter, do not gain weight or lose weight more than 7 -10% of birth weight, indeed the baby should be immediately taken to the hospital. Babies should receive further evaluation and management to avoid bilirubin poisoning in the baby's brain. Treatment for yellow babies can vary depending on how high the bilirubin is, the child can only need light therapy, or can also require other more invasive therapies such as exchange transfusions. The action you take (taking the child to the hospital) is correct.

You should discuss again with the pediatrician who treats your child in the hospital. The child's doctor certainly knows more about your child's overall condition, so that he can provide more complete information for you and your family.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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