How To Have Sex?

Illustration of How To Have Sex?
Illustration: How To Have Sex?

Excuse me .. I want to ask r nWhen having sex, the location of mr. Should it go into the vagina or the anal opening?

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Hello Rita,

Having sexual relations with a healthy partner is very important, but there are several ways of having sex that are at high risk to transmit various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and cause other health risks. One that can cause a high risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases is anal sex.

Anal sex is sexual activity carried out in the anal area / buttocks which includes penetration / entry of the penis into the anus, finger penetration / sex toys, or it can also be oral sex that is done by stimulating the anus using the mouth / tongue. Sometimes this is done with a reason to increase sexual satisfaction or also to avoid pregnancy. But behind the different pleasure basically anal sex can cause health problems that need to be aware of. The following can occur due to anal / anal sex, including:

Increasing the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as genital herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, or even anal cancer.
Damage to the anus because it does not have glands that can produce lubricants as well as the vagina / female organs.
The anal canal is the part of the body where bacteria come out along with the discharge, so there is potential for infection in couples.
Potential to relax the anal muscles ring that serves to hold or control bowel movements.
The risk of anal bleeding after anal sex, because the lumen / inner lining of the anus is very much blood vessels so that if there is sexual activity where the lumen is rubbed against the object continuously can cause bleeding

The most effective way to avoid the risk of anal sex is to not engage in anal sexual activity at all. So after you know what are the risks that can occur when choosing anal sex as your sexual activity, it helps you to reconsider before deciding to do so.

In addition to anal sex, other types of sex such as oral sex, finger sex or sex using assistive devices can basically increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including vaginal sex. However, how to have intercourse outside the vaginal area should be avoided to reduce the risk of PMS. And if there are health problems for you after having sex outside the vagina, then you should immediately consult a doctor directly so that you can do a complete examination of your body.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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