How To Improve BB For Teens?

Illustration of How To Improve BB For Teens?
Illustration: How To Improve BB For Teens?

Previously I was consuming weight gain drugs (kianpi pills) but now it has stopped because I feel the side effects of facemoon and my body arises pimples but after I stop my appetite decreases drastically, so how do I get my appetite to increase again, what’s my do you have to take the pill again but with a low dose or what? I am 19 years old at BB 51 and after taking the pill no more than 173, my target is up to 60, and asking for a good appetite enhancer at the pharmacy?

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Basically you have to be very careful in using certain medicines to gain weight, especially if you are using certain herbal medicines. Before using herbal medicines, you must make sure whether the herbal medicines have been registered with BPOM (drug and food regulatory body) or not. If indeed the product has been registered with BPOM, you also have to make sure whether the seller of your product sells the original product or not. Weight-enhancing drugs are often mixed with corticosteroids which can have other side effects (besides weight gain) in the form of fat accumulation in certain places (including on the face, called the moonface) and the appearance of zits. This drug should not be used carelessly because it can cause many dangerous side effects.

When looking at your body mass index which is only 17, then your weight is included in the less body weight. Here are some things you can try to do to gain weight:

Increase the size of your meal and the frequency of your meals.
Improve the quality of your food, make sure your food still has complete and balanced nutrition that contains protein, carbohydrates, and fat too
Choose foods that contain high calories, but still have high nutritional value too, for example lean meat, avocados, beans, high protein milk, etc.
Do exercise regularly, choose sports that can increase your muscle mass such as weight lifting
Get enough sleep and rest

If your weight still does not increase or you actually experience weight loss, then you should check with your doctor. In addition to eating less and genetic, there are several other medical causes that can cause underweight in adults, for example tuberculosis infections, certain autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal disorders, HIV infections, cancer, certain mental disorders such as depression, and so on. The cause of your underweight should be sought in advance to find out more about the best therapy for you.

Here is an article that you can read about how to gain weight

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