How To Improve Kidney Function?

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Good morning doctor, I want to ask a question about kidney function. My father is diabetic, hypertensive, and had a heart attack due to blockage of the arteries, which required taking medication every day. A few days ago I did a laboratory test to determine the performance of my father’s kidneys. From the results of the examination found protein +3, the amount of urea was 139 mg/dl, creatinine was 6.3 mg/dl, and uric acid was 10 mg/dl. How do we improve kidney function, in order to avoid kidney disease? please enlighten doctor.

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Hi Reni,

Several components that are an indication of kidney performance from laboratory tests are creatinine, urea, uric acid and protein. Some of these substances are the result of the breakdown of a person's metabolism. The reference value also varies depending on age, gender and referral of each hospital/laboratory, but there will not be too much difference. The standard reference value for blood urea < 30 mg/dl, blood creatinine < 1.5 mg/dl, uric acid < 7 -8 mg/dl. In addition to these components, the main thing to assess a person's condition is through a physical examination by a doctor, so the laboratory is only as a support.

Some of the conditions that can be associated with an increase in these components include:

dehydration consumption of high protein foods consumption of drugs damage or disorders of the kidneys complications of diabetes and uncontrolled hypertension If you read your complaint and compare it with existing reference values, your father's laboratory results are higher than normal. We recommend that you immediately consult the doctor who treats your father / internal medicine specialist so that a complete examination and appropriate treatment can be carried out based on your father's previous history.

Several steps can be taken to control your father's level of kidney function, starting from diet, limiting daily water consumption, taking medicines for the kidneys to when it is necessary to do dialysis (hemodialysis). For home care, your father should be motivated to get enough rest, limit high-protein and salty foods, avoid smoking and manage stress.

That's my explanation, I hope it helps and your father recovers soon. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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