How To Improve Sleep Hours For Shift Workers?

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Working in shifts is a problem in itself with regards to sleep time and the adequacy of your sleep. This will also require adjustments to work and sleep times, especially if you work with 3 shifts in a certain period, so that adjustments in your sleep time will be increasingly needed to maintain your stamina, prevent the risk of disease, and you can stay productive at work and prevent risks. work accident.

To get a fit and healthy body condition, in general, every individual needs a minimum of 6-8 hours to sleep and rest from daily activities. With that time, your physical recovery process will get better, your cell regeneration will run well, and you can work well.

Thus, you need your work schedule within a certain period to be able to manage your rest/sleep schedule. With an existing work schedule, you also have to commit to creating and implementing your rest and sleep schedule which you also have to schedule well.

For example, if you work at night about 8-9 hours of normal working time, then you must also have a schedule that you will do for your rest after work, so that you do not fill your after-work time with other activities that set aside your rest and sleep, like hanging out with friends until the next work time. By working at night, at least you can divide your rest time and your activities outside of working hours, namely resting after 3-4 hours of work, doing activities, then resting another 3-4 hours before returning to work, as well as when you work on shifts. afternoon.

The point of this timing is your commitment to taking regular breaks after work and before returning to work. And this timing may require some effort and habituation in the future, so that your body can get used to it in daily activities.

However, for more details, you can discuss with your company doctor or your family doctor to help you solve the problems you are facing. Your company doctor has a better understanding of your working conditions, working hours and the implications for your activities. So hopefully it can help you set an appropriate sleep and rest schedule.

You also need to pay attention to some things that can help your stamina, namely avoiding smoking, avoiding working more than normal hours excessively, doing regular exercise according to your physical condition, and getting enough water and healthy food.

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