How To Increase Appetite In A 9 Month Baby?

Illustration of How To Increase Appetite In A 9 Month Baby?
Illustration: How To Increase Appetite In A 9 Month Baby?

Good morning, I hope that my child is now 9 months 10 days old and healthy, since 4-7 months, his weight has never increased, only 5.5 kg. At the age of 8 months rose to 6.1 kg. Entering the age of 9 months, my child is lazy to eat. I’m afraid the BB will go down again. My question is, what kind of vitamin is suitable for a 9-month-old baby to increase his appetite?

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According to WHO, the best weight for children aged 9 months is around 8.2-8.5 kg (both for men and women). Your child's weight at this time, if matched with the weight chart based on age issued by WHO (both for girls and boys) are both below the red line where this can mean that your child has a very low weight compared to with children his age.

This condition requires a special therapy plan made by a doctor to regulate how to eat and the types of food that should be given to your child. Therefore, snagat is recommended to bring your child further treatment to the doctor, if possible you can directly consult with a pediatrician.

Vitamin supplements themselves are made to help meet the amount of vitamins that are lacking for body sufficiency every day, not to increase appetite, because basically there is no research that states that giving any vitamin can increase appetite.

For now, besides consulting with your doctor, there are some things you can try to do to help improve your child's appetite such as:

Make the child's eating patterns become more organized and consistent
If it is difficult to make your child eat 3 times a day, feed your child frequently enough in small amounts so that when it is total it is sufficient to meet his nutritional needs in a day
Prepare a varied and interesting food menu every day
Use interesting cutlery
Keep gadgets or other things that distract your child when he is eating

I hope this helps.

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