How To Increase Body Weight In Children?

Good morning … I want to ask what about my son who is 16 months old and weighs 7 kg from the age of 10 months. I also attend the posyandu every month. My child with the character of a child who is very active and also does not lose his development with children his age, he rarely gets sick, he wants to eat rice, vegetables, fruit is not picky … I only breastfed for 2 months because I only had a little breast milk and I was exposed to eczema whose mother had to take medication all the time. Please enlighten me, and what should I do. Thank you

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Hello Erni,

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At the age of 10 months, a normal baby boy has a body weight ranging from 7.4 to 10.2 kg. The baby's weight is less than the standard age standard can be motivated by several factors, including:

History born prematurely
Birth history of LBW (low birth weight)

History of severe illness early in his life, which caused him to have treatment in hospital
Inadequate nutritional intake can be due to unhealthy eating patterns, vomiting or massive diarrhea
Having certain diseases, for example digestive disorders, hyperthyroidism, malignancies, immune disorders, heart problems, other chronic diseases
Genetic (default), and so on

The condition of your baby should be consulted directly with your doctor or pediatrician so that you can evaluate more deeply the cause. Not just interviews and regular physical examinations, it is possible that your doctor will also encourage your baby to undergo additional additional examinations, such as laboratories, Mantoux tests, x-rays, and so on if deemed necessary. Monitoring the status of other growth and development will also be examined in order to establish the correct diagnosis while also providing the best treatment.

In the meantime, you should not panic first. Take the following steps to improve your baby's condition:

Vary the types of children's food everyday, feed it with a high calorie and protein content
Also give your baby lots of fruits and vegetables as a snack
Give him enough to drink
Do not make it a habit of hawking babies or consuming instant food and drinks, unless urgent
Keep the environment around the baby so that it is always clean
Keep the baby from other people around him who are experiencing infectious pain
Continue to monitor the growth and development status of babies at the nearest health facility regularly
Do not carelessly give medicines or supplements to babies without a doctor's prescription

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