How To Increase Breast Milk?

Illustration of How To Increase Breast Milk?
Illustration: How To Increase Breast Milk?

my child is breastfeeding, does not want to drink sofur. let me get a lot of breastfeeding and my appetite for breastfeeding what is the medicine? ank i rarely breastfeed, because my breastfeeding is not enough. my child is 4 months old 10 days long 57 weight 4.7 kilos. I am very afraid my child is malnourished .Thank you

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Hi Pearl,

Thank you for asking

In general, the normal weight for infants aged 4 months ranges from 6.2 to 7.8 kg for boys and 5.6 to 7.3 for girls. While the body length ranges from 62 to 66 kg in baby boys and 60 to 64 kg in baby girls. Therefore, your baby's growth is less than optimal when compared to age standards.

There are many factors that can trigger growth restriction in babies. One of them is inadequate nutritional intake. Because babies of this age are ideally still exclusively breastfed, the inadequate milk production could be an important factor. Inadequate milk production mainly occurs due to lack of discipline in breastfeeding or expressing milk, lack of fluids and malnutrition in the mother, stress, fatigue, or side effects of drugs (for example, the use of family planning that contains the hormone estrogen).

In addition to inadequate breastfeeding, a baby's appetite may also decrease and growth is stunted due to a disease, such as tuberculosis, heart problems, digestive disorders, anatomical disorders (such as tongue tie), cancer, thyroid gland disorders, and so on.

We recommend that you have your baby examined directly by a pediatrician for further evaluation of his general health condition. If necessary, the doctor will recommend that your baby undergo a Mantoux test, laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, or other tests so that treatment can be done on target.

In the meantime, focus on increasing your breast milk, namely by:

Feed your baby immediately every 2 hours Express your breast milk when not breastfeeding Drink lots of food Eat healthy and nutritious food Avoid stress and fatigue Avoid taking drugs carelessly In addition, make sure you support your baby's growth by providing him with a clean living environment, far from sick adults are contagious, and are well ventilated. Avoid giving supplements or additional food / drinks to babies before the age of 6 months.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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