How To Increase Low HB?

Illustration of How To Increase Low HB?
Illustration: How To Increase Low HB?

Good afternoon Doctor, I am a woman aged 24 years, have high uric acid levels, last I checked until 7.3 after this Eid, previously 7.8. Well for me I have done the recommended diet, namely the purine diet. But earlier I wanted to donate blood, after I checked it, it turned out that my HB was low. Under 12. r n r nI asked, to increase HB, he said, you have to multiply foods that contain iron. It turns out that foods that increase HB are in conflict with lowering uric acid. R n r nSo how should I manage my diet? R n r nI am also obese. I am 168 and my weight is over 100kg. But my blood sugar is low, the last random blood sugar check was on July 1 yesterday, my blood sugar was only 98. r n r nAccording to my doctor’s advice, what should I do? R n r nThank you.

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Hello good morning Yuniaika.

Hb (hemoglobin) is a substance that is in red blood cells which functions to bind oxygen so that it can be distributed throughout the body. A condition in which the Hb level is less than normal is known as anemia. There are several things that can cause anemia, including:

Anemia due to insufficient intake of foods containing iron (iron deficiency anemia) Anemia due to lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid (also known as megaloblastic anemia) Anemia due to certain processes or diseases, for example due to malaria, leukemia, infection, etc. Anemia due to disease chronic, for example due to tuberculosis, kidney disease, etc. Hemolytic anemia is due to autoimmune diseases, namely anemia that occurs due to the breakdown of red blood cells due to autoimmune processes (error in the body's defense system in recognizing its own body cells, thus assuming cells body as an "enemy") Anemia due to bleeding, so that the body loses blood rapidly and is not matched by the body's ability to produce blood. For example, in women who menstruate in large numbers, have accidents with heavy bleeding, and so on and so on

Thus, the actual treatment of anemia will vary depending on the cause. If the anemia you are experiencing is anemia due to iron deficiency, then one way to treat it is by consuming foods high in iron. In addition, iron-boosting tablets / supplements can also be given. However, if the cause of anemia that you are experiencing is not due to iron deficiency, for example due to an infection, then the main treatment is not the consumption of foods high in iron or iron supplements. Therefore, it is important to know what type of anemia you are experiencing, namely by seeing a doctor.

The doctor will ask questions and answer questions to explore complaints and help establish your diagnosis, for example your diet, previous medical history, your menstrual cycle, current or frequently consumed medications, rowayat in the family, etc. After that, the doctor will perform a physical examination, and if necessary, the doctor will suggest additional tests (usually in the form of a blood lab test) to help find out what type of anemia you have. Commonly checked parameters include red blood cell count, MCV, MCH, MCHC, routine blood tests (to see the possibility of bleeding or infection), etc.

If the results of the examination show that you do have iron deficiency anemia, then the recommended foods that are high in iron and do not cause an increase in uric acid include:

Consumption of green vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, but avoid the shoots, because the plant shoots are the part with the highest purine content. In addition, it has been mentioned that spinach, kidney beans, peas and long beans (which are vegetables that are good for increasing iron) do not increase the risk of gout. consume fruits high in vitamin C such as oranges or tomatoes, because vitamin C helps the absorption of iron better. You can take blood cell enhancer drugs (known as Fee tablets or Blood Plus Tablets) and uric acid lowering drugs on the recommendation of the examining doctor.

Regarding your blood sugar level (98 mg / dL), it does not include low blood sugar and falls into the normal range of blood sugar levels.

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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