How To Increase The Size Of The Egg Naturally?

Illustration of How To Increase The Size Of The Egg Naturally?
Illustration: How To Increase The Size Of The Egg Naturally?


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PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a disease that occurs due to disruption of female ovarian function which causes an imbalance of female homon. So the symptoms experienced are irregular menstruation, increased male hormones (androgens) that appear with the appearance of male signs such as excessive body hair on the back region. buttocks, face, and chest but head hair tends to fall out or thin out; and oily skin and acne more easily. Another symptom that arises is body weight increases and sugar levels in the body tend to increase.

Related to a small egg cell some research links with the following

- Proper nutrition and nutrition. Eggs are of course the same as other cells which require perfect nutritional intake in order to develop properly. Of course, there are many types of food that play a role in increasing women's fertility. Foods that you must choose to have contain minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Other types of food such as ginger, broccoli, green beans, royal jelly, honey, salmon, pumpkin seeds, sun seeds and all kinds of green vegetables.
- Maintain hormone balance. This unbalanced hormone can certainly be handled easily while maintaining a balanced nutrition and nutrition well and perfectly.
- Avoid stress. In this case stress will certainly damage the quality of the egg. You can of course try not to be stressed because the egg can mature perfectly. There are so many ways you can do to reduce stress such as work problems, gatherings and also meet with family

We recommend that you further consult your condition with an obstetrician.

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