How To Know How Much Breast Milk Is Produced?

Illustration of How To Know How Much Breast Milk Is Produced?
Illustration: How To Know How Much Breast Milk Is Produced?

In the afternoon, I want the name, how do I know if there is still a lot of breast milk or not …

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It is the desire of the majority of mothers to provide the best for their children. One form of mother's love for her baby can be manifested by breastfeeding (breast milk). WHO (world health organization) recommends exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is 6 months old, then continued with the addition of complementary foods (complementary foods) until the baby is 24 months old. Therefore, it takes consistency and patience, both from the mother, and from other relatives who help to care for the baby for the success of this breastfeeding.

In the early days of the breastfeeding process, milk production is strongly influenced by many factors, from the frequency of breast emptying, hormonal conditions, psychological conditions, diet, fluid intake, and so on. However, as your baby becomes more proficient at breastfeeding, the subsequent milk production will depend to a large extent on the frequency of breast emptying, compared to other factors as mentioned above. Therefore, a lot of literature terms this condition with "supply and demand", which means, the more your baby needs breast milk, the more your milk production will be.

The method for emptying the breasts referred to here can be directly fed to the baby, or it can also be expressed. The more often your breasts are emptied (either breastfed or expressed), the brain will perceive it as a "baby who really needs breast milk". As a result, automatically, your milk production will increase.

So, how do you know how much your milk is producing? Some people express their milk regularly to find out the stability of the production. This is not entirely wrong. However, it is also not entirely correct. Although it almost resembles a baby's mouth suction, expressing breastmilk (such as using a hand or a pump) is actually not identical with the process of breastfeeding a baby directly. This is because many psychological factors play a role in the breastfeeding process, including the mother's calm, happy, and peaceful condition when she is near her child. So, a small amount of expressed ASI does not necessarily indicate decreased milk production. To be more objective, you can assess the adequacy of your breast milk by monitoring your baby's growth, namely by checking it regularly at the nearest health facility, namely so that you can find out how much weight, height, and other nutritional status. If your baby's nutritional status is appropriate for his age, this is a sign that your milk production is good enough.

That's our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with a lactation consultant doctor.

Tips for increasing breast milk to meet the needs of the baby

I hope this helps.

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