How To Live A Virus?

Illustration of How To Live A Virus?
Illustration: How To Live A Virus?

how the heck do viruses live?

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Until now the experts are still debating whether the virus actually includes living things or not. Viruses have genetic material just like living things (although the genetic material is very very simple), however, the virus does not have other qualities possessed by living things (it cannot produce its own energy, it cannot metabolize itself, it cannot reproduce itself) . Viruses can only live if swallowed and entered in other appropriate organisms (which can indeed be entered by the virus).

As mentioned above, a virus cannot be said to be "alive" if the virus does not enter another organism (it can enter the body of an animal or a human, or a lower organism such as bacteria or fungus). If you do not have a "home", this virus will not be able to last long (the outside structure of the virus will be damaged as well as genetic material in it and the virus will lose its infection ability). When a virus manages to find a "home" or organism to attach to, the virus will enter the cells of the organism's body, releasing its genetic material (RNA or DNA in the virus), this genetic material will manipulate the work of genetic material in the infected cell so that the infected cell will produce the components of the virus to produce many new viruses in the cell. After many new viruses have formed in the cell, the cell will be damaged and die, new viruses will come out and can infect other cells. When the amount is sufficient, the virus can also get out of the body of the organism and infect other organisms. The method and ability of infection can be different in each virus.

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