How To Make The Nose Look More Pointed?

Illustration of How To Make The Nose Look More Pointed?
Illustration: How To Make The Nose Look More Pointed?

I want to ask, how do you naturally extend your nose? The problem is that my nose is pug and short, and its nose is the same pug. How to make a pointed out normal so what?

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 The shape of the nose is determined from the base of the nasal bone. The shape of the nose is also influenced by heredity.
 Until now there has been no conventional method to help make the nose look more pointed.
 However, medical procedures such as surgery performed by plastic surgeons can help you to make your nose look better, especially if there are indications or certain medical abnormalities.

The doctor will do an evaluation related to your nasal bones, whether there is an asymmetrical nose shape or interference with your nasal bones. Abnormalities in the nasal bones can be considered for management of improvement by medical measures.

If there are no complaints such as frequent nasal congestion, pain in the nasal bones, a history of trauma to the nose and skull, suspect there are lumps / tumors in the nose then you don't need to worry. What you can do is still grateful for your nose to function properly until now because the shape of the nose is determined from genetic / heredity and always maintain the health of your body by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
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