How To Make Your Own Disinfectant?

, is it safe if the bleach is mixed with one of the floor cleaners like … or something else? You see, a lot of people suggest making disinfectants themselves. Thanks before

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Disinfectants are substances that are needed to reduce the number of possible microorganisms that will contaminate which can be done by disinfecting surfaces, air, soft surfaces such as carpets, or clothing. Some of the ingredients recommended by WHO are ethanol and sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

Some references are

A 5 percent dilution of sodium hypochlorite in the usual 1: 100 ratio is recommended. Use 1 part bleach to 99 parts cold tap water (1: 100 dilution). Adjust the ratio if the whitening ingredient is 2.5 percent sodium hypochlorite, use twice as much bleach ie, 2 parts bleach to 98 parts water,
Carbolic acid or pine oil can also be used as a disinfectant. In the form of 10 bottle caps the floor cleaning fluid is diluted with 1 liter of water. This is to get a minimum concentration of 0.5 percent of active ingredients
Floor cleaner with a dose of 1 bottle cap with 5 liters of water
Laurtan alcohol 70%
Hydrogen peroxide

Pay attention to that

Products according to quantity
Do not pass the expiry level
Do not mix with ammonia or other cleansers

Thus information may be useful

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