How To Manage The Size Of A Shrinking Kidney Accompanied By Pain After Bowel Movements And Urinating?

Good evening, I want to ask you about the medical measures taken if the heart is chronic, and what is the size of the kidney that has been shrinking. Can you drink tea water because it will reduce the size of the kidneys? normal again, because my mother after defecating and urinating it was very painful until I could not walk from the bathroom, even when eating was immediately very ill, when consulting with a doctor in the internal organs, he said the effect of a shrinking kidney size. Is that true ?? Please help. Thank you

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Chronic heart disease is a term for a large group of various disorders / disorders of the heart that are long-standing in which can include a variety of specific diagnoses about heart problems experienced by someone, such as heart failure or enlargement of the left / right heart muscle. It is advisable to inquire further what kind of heart problems your mother is experiencing, because each heart disorder has different therapies, especially if it is accompanied by other organ disorders.

Decreased kidney size is a permanent condition and cannot be reversed to its original size. Kidney wasting is most often caused by chronic kidney failure where in this condition, kidney function damage has been experienced for a long time and is getting heavier.

Fluid consumption in people who have heart and kidney problems, will generally be limited to keep the two organs from functioning worse and to prevent other complications that can arise due to excessive fluid in the body. Consumption of drinks such as tea or coffee should be avoided if you really have kidney failure because the existing caffeine content can worsen the condition of kidney failure so that it can cause more severe complications.

Regarding your mother's complaints, those complaints can indeed be caused by people with kidney problems, but if you have doubts, you are allowed to take your mother to another specialist in internal medicine to get a second opinion (second opinion) about your mother's condition.

For now, if there are medicines that are recommended for routine consumption, take them according to the doctor's advice as well as for other additional therapies that may be recommended by the doctor. Also do regular control of the doctor according to the recommended schedule or faster if there are complaints that interfere before the specified control time.

If complaints of shortness of breath arise that are getting heavier, chest pain, palpitations or even loss of consciousness, immediately take your mother to the nearest hospital emergency room for immediate treatment.

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