How To Minimize Congenital Abnormalities?

Illustration of How To Minimize Congenital Abnormalities?
Illustration: How To Minimize Congenital Abnormalities?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Beforehand, we need to straighten out several things, including about congenital abnormalities. Birth defects or congenital abnormalities are abnormalities that occur in the fetus during its development in the uterus. This disorder can be in the form of structural or functional abnormalities of the fetal limb, such as cleft lip, small head, excessive number of fingers, abnormal red blood cell structure, Down syndrome, heart defects, clubfoot and so on.

Diseases such as the example you mentioned, namely color blindness, asthma and diabetes, some have no known cause, but not always due to congenital disorders, such as color blindness which can be caused by chemicals, side effects of medication, certain diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, glaucoma and alcohol consumption habits. Asthma does increase the likelihood of it occurring in those who have a family history of similar complaints, but it can also occur in those who work in places where there is a lot of sawdust, for example. Then diabetes, is divided into two types, namely type 1 and type 2 diabetes, both of which usually appear not from birth, so they are not classified as congenital disorders.

The point is that congenital abnormalities are abnormalities that have existed since the time the baby was in the womb and can be detected before birth, at birth, or in the early stages of life, not those that have been discovered later, although the cause is unknown.

So if it is still in the context of congenital abnormalities, what can be done to minimize it are:

Routine pregnancy checkups Avoiding alcohol consumption during pregnancy Avoiding cigarette smoke during pregnancy Avoiding the use of drugs or cosmetics without the supervision of an obstetrician Fulfilling the nutrients needed during pregnancy Avoid infection by cooking food carefully, having sex safely, and having a pregnancy checkup immediately if it is felt symptoms of the disease

Meanwhile, for the examples you give, it is often difficult to avoid, apart from adopting a good lifestyle because the reasons are not yet known. Hopefully answered your question.

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