How To Not Be Cured Again After Pregnancy Wine

Illustration of How To Not Be Cured Again After Pregnancy Wine
Illustration: How To Not Be Cured Again After Pregnancy Wine

Good night doc … I want to ask the doc. 2 weeks I was cured because I was declared pregnant with grapes, after the curette and the results were taken to the lab, the doctor said that there was still some residue “and had to be done with a second curette. negative 1/10How do I make the remaining “remaining that can come out without having to be re-cured? Is there any food / medicine that is good and fast for removing the remaining ” Thanks, doc ..

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Hello Anita,

Mola / hydatidiform mole / grape pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy characterized by abnormal growth of trophoblast cells (which normally form the placenta). As a result, a mass that continues to grow in size resembles grapes.

Symptoms experienced by patients with wine pregnancy are:

Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy
Expenditures such as fluid-filled sacs (cysts) from the vagina
Pelvic discomfort
Nausea and vomiting are very severe
The size of the uterus is very fast, greater than the actual gestational age
Can also be accompanied by: increased blood pressure, anemia, hyperthyroidism

Risk factors for grape pregnancy are> 35 years of age while pregnant or a history of previous grapes.

The diagnosis of grapes pregnant can be obtained from supporting ultrasound examination and examination of the hormone HCG beta levels (increased high in grape pregnancy-exceeding normal pregnancy).

Grape pregnancy will not develop into a normal pregnancy. The mass in the uterus will continue to grow (like a tumor), so it needs to be removed entirely so as not to cause complications. Handling of pregnancy wine usually includes:

The action of curettage, cleaning and removing the pregnancy tissue in the uterus. Evaluate post-action HCG hormone levels. If it is still high, it can be caused by the remaining pregnancy tissue, additional measures are needed. This HCG hormone evaluation can be carried out for 6-12 months, until the HCG hormone levels are no longer detected, to ensure there is no residual left. Generally patients are advised to postpone pregnancy until 6-12 months after the HCG hormone levels return to normal (undetectable).
Hysterectomy, removing and removing the entire uterus. Especially for women who don't plan to get pregnant again.
If it is suspected to be a malignancy (cancer), the tissue removed will be examined for histopathology. About 2-3% of cases of wine pregnancy can be an invasive cancer such as choriocarcinoma.

There is no food you can consume to remove the hydatidiform mole tissue. Administration of intravenous oxytocin (to stimulate uterine contractions) can be given after curettage. However, administration of oxytocin or prostandin alone to remove the entire pregnancy tissue is not recommended because it can increase the risk of bleeding and sequelae of malignancy (malignancy).

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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