How To Open Infusion Bottles To Clean Wounds?

Illustration of How To Open Infusion Bottles To Clean Wounds?
Illustration: How To Open Infusion Bottles To Clean Wounds?

, how to open a nacl infusion bottle to clean wounds?

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Hello Azumi, thank you for asking.

Cleaning wounds at a health care center is done using NaCl liquid. Its use is based on the reason that the infusion fluid is sterile and the composition of NaCl is almost the same as blood plasma, so it will not cause irritation. Cleaning the wound at home, can be done using boiled water or if it is recommended by a doctor, can use liquid NaCl.

We don't know what NaCl bottle you mean, because not all NaCl brands have the same packaging. The infusion bottle should only be intended to be pierced with the end of the IV tube. That's why the tip of the bottle has rubber. You can take IV fluids using syringes and needles, if they are available. Another way is to cut the bottle. After cutting, store the remaining NaCl liquid in a clean, closed bottle. Store in a cool place that is not exposed to the sun. Do not use liquid if it looks dirty or has changed color.

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