How To Open Pores Of Dead Hair?

Illustration of How To Open Pores Of Dead Hair?
Illustration: How To Open Pores Of Dead Hair?

my head was exposed to cooking oil, I asked the general practitioner he said the pores had died, could it grow back and at least there was a side medicine

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The pores referred to by your doctor may be places where the root of the wrinkles is located, where if the hair root is completely damaged or dead, it is very likely that the hair cannot grow back.

However, to ascertain how the condition of your hair is exposed to cooking oil, it is highly recommended to check your hair further to a specialist doctor directly so that it can be assessed directly also how the condition of your scalp and hair, is it still possible or not to be treated so that your hair can grow back.

At this time, there is no best therapy but to consult directly with a dermatologist. It is not recommended for you to use topical medications or other ingredients on your scalp and also your hair that has been damaged because it can cause worsening. In addition, it is also advisable to always maintain the cleanliness of your head with shampoo and do not do any hair care beforehand otherwise stated by your doctor.

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