How To Overcome Addiction To Masturbate?

Illustration of How To Overcome Addiction To Masturbate?
Illustration: How To Overcome Addiction To Masturbate?

Morning, I used to masturbate 2-3 times a week. The more I come here at most once a week, the activity is like giving a feeling of addiction to do it continuously. / more joints often bone pain such as porous endurance becomes weaker, masturbation in 1-2 minutes is already ejaculated even though I have never had sex, which I fear when I get married later I am not able to make my wife happy … Please be the solution, thank you very much .

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Hello, good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Regarding what you feel it can also be referred to as a condition of masturbation addiction. When it comes to doing it every day. Some things that are the impact of doing it too often are

Sperm will not be able to mature perfectly because in general sperm maturation is every 3 days.
Psychologically disturbing where things become disturbed is the brain is directed towards sexual pleasure so that it can be directed towards obsession behavior
Can cause pain in the muscle area directly because it is associated with muscle contractions, especially recurrent legs.

It is better to do a number of things to do and overcome this viz

Motivate yourself and put a strong desire
Divert time and energy for something better
Get enough rest
Avoid stress
Avoid things that cause thought to masturbate

If you continue to experience difficulties you should consult this to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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