How To Overcome Couples Who Can Not Control Emotions

Illustration of How To Overcome Couples Who Can Not Control Emotions
Illustration: How To Overcome Couples Who Can Not Control Emotions

Excuse me doctor, I have a partner. My partner is a person who cannot be controlled by his emotions, like at first he was happy to arrive “angry with me, which I do not know the reason why he is angry. So I must obey what he wants. But I do not want to obey his will because it can cause sin. “And he continued to force. While I was a person who was severely depressed to hit my own body, if my depression was resistant it made me sick. How do I deal with people who can’t control emotions while I am severely depressed?

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A complaint from your partner that is easily changed emotional or sometimes ordinary, happy and then suddenly angry with no known reason or cause, so you do not know what to do and what to do because you do not know the cause. Indeed, in the face of a spouse or person whose emotions fluctuate, it will be a difficulty for you especially if you are currently also in excessive anxiety or being severely depressed.

If you experience severe depression, then you will also not be difficult to adjust to other conditions you face. If you experience severe depression, then the emotional or psychological burden that you encounter will further aggravate complaints of depression and your psychological condition. Therefore, for the first step, all you have to do now is to control your depression first, without controlling and recovering the depression that you feel or experience, then you cannot control and resolve other things that you encounter, one of them is the emotional change in your partner. You.

The depression that you feel that causes you to hurt or even hurt yourself is a condition that must be controlled immediately. If this is not controlled early, there is a risk of causing a more serious risk, such as injury or trauma to your body. It is important that you start identifying the triggers for depression that you are feeling and begin to consider adjusting yourself and determine what steps you can take when a depressive complaint is bothering you. Some conditions you can consider as conditions that can aggravate your depression complaints, such as:

There are relationship problems, or family, such as changes in your partner's emotions
Economy problem
Health problems
Work problem
A history of disappointments you've experienced before
A history of physical or sexual abuse that has occurred
A history of psychological trauma in the past that still looms over you

If the relationship with your partner is one of the things that aggravates your depression, and there are other triggers, then it is necessary for you to control and resolve other triggers, then resolve problems related to your partner.

If there is a disappointing past or a traumatic event that may still carry over to this point, then you should start over and make sure it doesn't bother you anymore. However, if you find it difficult to control your triggers for depression, then you should ask for professional help to help you control all the complaints that you feel. Visit your psychiatrist or your psychologist, so that you get a direct examination and supervision by your doctor or psychologist to help you in this recovery and adjustment process.

During this treatment period, then calm yourself in the face of your partner, follow the will until you can really control all your complaints of depression.

After all can be well controlled, you can discuss carefully the problem of your partner's emotional changes, their causes, and their desires for themselves and yourself. If necessary, you can also provide your input to consult a professional, so that everything related to you and your partner can be controlled as well as possible.

What needs to be emphasized is, all of this takes time, so your patience and your sincerity are very much needed in going through this process.

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