How To Overcome Deep Disappointment?

Illustration of How To Overcome Deep Disappointment?
Illustration: How To Overcome Deep Disappointment?

morning, i don’t know what happened to me. I also can not tell the people closest, even my own mother. these past few days I have always been in my room, going out even if there is urgent. It all started since I didn’t graduate to PT and PT. I am disappointed in myself for making my mother disappointed. I am also afraid to meet other people or homes, even I change my cellphone contact number and delete accounts related to chat. yes, because I’m still afraid – or more embarrassed – with questions that might relate to ‘where do you go (to lecture)?’. my mother wants to know what I want (going forward), to be honest I really want to talk to my mother what I want but I am confused how to convey it. and I was disappointed to see my mother disappointed because I didn’t tell her what I really wanted. I was disappointed because I myself could not tell the closest person. it’s not that I don’t trust them, but because I myself don’t know what happened to me. to be honest, just typing I’m still having trouble organizing his words. Do I have to go to a psychiatrist? I was afraid that I could not convey what had happened to me. that’s all 🙂

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Hi tiaca,

Thank you for asking

Deep disappointment, including when failing to continue education to the desired institution, can indeed make someone mentally depressed. This mental pressure can be reasonable if responded properly so it does not occur protracted. However, if this condition makes you interrupted his interactions with other people (including your parents), also disturbed your activities and functions, then you may experience a psychiatric disorder, for example depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizoaffective disorder , etc.

Earlier, you should be aware, that your actions are not appropriate, and potentially detrimental to yourself. Of course, not everything that happens in this world must be in accordance with our wishes. Believe me, the God who created you understands the best for you, even though sometimes it looks the opposite in our view. Could be, God did not pass you into the educational institution that you want because there are other better places. It could also, God wants you to try harder and fill your days with positive activities, so that you can fulfill your desires in the future. Nobody knows right?

Too much sadness, aloof, excessive disappointment is not the solution to the problems you face today. In fact, by acting like this, your activities become disrupted, and you also fail to find your potential that can be sharpened into a proud achievement. If you feel very disturbed about this, it never hurts to consult directly with your doctor or psychiatrist. With an in-depth psychiatric interview, the doctor can usually help you express the complaint you are feeling, evaluate the cause, as well as give him the right treatment. Not only that, you also need to do the following tips:

Try to think positively, both for yourself, others, and the destiny that God has prepared for you
Rest assured, that what is happening in your life, and also the existence of the people around you, has been designed by God to shape your personality better.
Don't be aloof, get along with people, so that you are more mature in addressing life
Realize that not only you are given the test in life, but also other people. Therefore, focus on the solution to the exam, don't just think it is too complicated.
Keep yourself busy with productive activities, including honing talent, exercising, worshiping, socializing with a good environment
Live a healthy lifestyle, including by sleeping regularly, getting up early, eating and drinking healthy, as well as avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

Hope this helps ...

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