How To Overcome Difficulty Focusing And Often Daydreaming?

Illustration of How To Overcome Difficulty Focusing And Often Daydreaming?
Illustration: How To Overcome Difficulty Focusing And Often Daydreaming?

How I deal with problems is often out of focus and daydreaming, even I often speak to myself in mind. Very often I am like that when I am in class, at home, even when alone

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It should be clarified, when talking to yourself, do you feel that someone is talking to you or there are certain thoughts that control you? How long have complaints like this arisen? Does it interfere with your sleep, study achievement, and interpersonal relationships with others? Is there a traumatic history that you experienced before and finally experienced complaints like this?

Unfocused during activities, often daydreaming, so talking to yourself can naturally occur when you don't like certain activities that you do. It could also, these complaints arise due to unhealthy lifestyles, such as staying up late, irregular sleep patterns, consuming alcohol, and so on. Mental stress, such as when someone loses a loved one, when he or she gets poor school performance, when experiencing domestic violence, or when conflicting with a peer can also trigger complaints like this. If you realize this is wrong, and this complaint only appears in a short time without disrupting your daily activities and self-functioning, this condition may not include psychiatric disorders. People with the type of introvert also often experience complaints like this.

However, if complaints such as this appear to be prolonged, especially to interfere with activities, disrupt self-function, and can not be controlled by yourself, this may arise due to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, delusional disorders, schizophrenia, or many other possibilities. Alcohol and drug abuse can also trigger mental disorders with complaints like yours.

If your complaint has lasted for weeks or more, if this complaint feels very disturbing to you, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or psychiatrist. Through in-depth psychiatric interviews, doctors are often able to identify whether your condition is still included naturally, including psychiatric disorders, or may arise due to other organic disorders. In the meantime, reduce your complaint with the following steps:

Expand your association, choose a good social environment, do not like to confine yourself
Everyone has problems, not only you, so be patient, do your best, and stay optimistic
Live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, starting from getting up early, eating regularly, exercising, bathing diligently, taking time to meditate, getting enough sleep, and staying away from drugs and alcohol
Do not smoke
Do things that can improve yourself for the better, like studying, honing hobbies, practicing
Also do things that make you happy, such as vacationing, chatting with people you care about
If you feel there is a person or mind controlling you, get rid of these assumptions, rest assured that you are in the strongest control over yourself
Focus on what you do, and intend all your activities to worship
Get used to think positively, about yourself, others, and your life destiny

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