How To Overcome Drug Addiction?

Illustration of How To Overcome Drug Addiction?
Illustration: How To Overcome Drug Addiction?

Morning, So this is it, I already used tri ** x medicine, I used to work so I wouldn’t get sick easily, but here I want to stop. And the problem is that every time I don’t take the medicine the following day, it must be sick (fever / dizziness / cold cold) How should I do it to get rid of it completely?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

The inability of a person to stop using certain drugs is called drug dependence. Meanwhile, addiction / addiction is the inability of a person psychologically and physically to stop the consumption of a drug, activity, or substance even though it causes psychological and physical danger. Initially it was possible to use the drug because the user was concerned about its effects. However, over time, repeated use of certain drugs or substances can affect the performance of the brain so that users lose their self-control to continue using it, even when users want to stop using the drug. When someone has experienced addiction, withdrawal symptoms (sakaw) can occur when drug use is stopped, with symptoms such as anxiety, anxiety, chills, trembling, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and decreased appetite. Certain drugs that have caused addiction can cause fatal withdrawal if stopped suddenly. Therefore, supervision is needed by the doctor to help patients overcome addiction.

The drug you are referring to might be trihexyphenidyl, an anticholinergic drug that is usually used in psychiatric patients to control the side effects of extrapyramidal symptoms from antipsychotic drugs. In addition, this drug is also used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Lately, there are increasing reports that trihexyphenidyl abuse is related to hallucinogenic effects and euphoria that can occur in the use of this drug.

We recommend that you immediately consult directly with a doctor or psychiatric specialist. Your condition requires medical treatment to help you manage and overcome drug addiction. Treatment that can be given by a doctor can include counseling, behavioral therapy, medication, handling psychological factors such as depression, and prevention of recurrence.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about drug addiction. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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