How To Overcome Feelings Of Guilt Towards Yourself?

Illustration of How To Overcome Feelings Of Guilt Towards Yourself?
Illustration: How To Overcome Feelings Of Guilt Towards Yourself?

I once did something that I feel sorry for. If I remember it, it feels like my heart is like only broken glass but I rearrange it, I often think of it because it’s always in my mind, my mood often fluctuates, sometimes I cry often if I myself have done hypnotherapy to try to forget it, but nothing How is the writing? And what kind of disorder is this? Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at We understand your feelings. Some bad experiences and mistakes that we or others have done in the past are hard to forget and have a big impact on our lives now. But to be able to be a diagnosis of certain mental disorders, more detailed information is needed than that, such as whether you have a sleep disorder, whether there is a decrease in appetite, activity restrictions, and various other information that needs to be explored and clarified.

In conditions like this, hypnotherapy can indeed help. But it's wrong if you expect hypnotherapy to function like an "eraser" that can just erase your guilt or your bad impression of the condition, especially if after each session you seem to test the effectiveness of the method by deliberately recalling the moment, to see do you still feel guilty about it.

So because there is still a lot of information that needs to be ascertained on your condition, we suggest checking with a psychiatrist, so that if it turns out you need the help of drugs and other psychotherapy, you can immediately get it. During the examination, your psychiatrist will then try to find out everything about you through your history and maybe some specific tests. Be honest and open when this check is done, don't be afraid to be judged because your goal is to consult with him.

In the meantime, try to forgive yourself by saying that everyone has their biggest mistakes. Your parents have their own biggest mistakes, your friends also have, your teacher has, your boss or subordinate (if you are already working) also have, and so on. It's just that, each of the biggest mistakes that vary depending on each version. For you maybe the biggest mistake other people do is not so big, but neither is what you experience, maybe for them also the mistakes you make are not too big. So the point is not to compare, but to understand that as human beings we are naturally wrong.

After understanding that humans are natural to make mistakes, remind yourself that nothing happens by this world. The mistake eventually happened because it was meant to be. You are destined to experience this error. The reason is none other than that you learn from these mistakes, and there is nothing to regret, especially because regret will not change anything.

Should you have changed your perspective from the moment of error you mentioned, you can gradually accept the event as part of your life journey. This is indeed not easy, far more difficult than said, but that does not mean you can not. Prioritize your future peace, and try to improve that perspective little by little. And finally, don't expel anyone who wants to help you. Getting rid of here is not casting out in a literal form, but chasing away by not listening to his input, not wanting to respond positively to his help, and acting disrespectfully so that people around you are reluctant to help you further. That way, and with the help of a psychiatrist, you should be able to recover. So, hopefully answering your question.

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