How To Overcome If You Have Been Infected With Corona Virus?

Illustration of How To Overcome If You Have Been Infected With Corona Virus?
Illustration: How To Overcome If You Have Been Infected With Corona Virus?

Excuse me … I want to ask yesterday that I have been exposed to the characteristics of being infected with the Corona virus such as colds, sneezing, fever, respiratory problems, and throat. I do not really care because in my opinion it is an ordinary disease, I did not seek treatment and did not see a doctor. I have also read the symptoms of Corona virus if I have been infected with fever usually 2-4 days, I also feel the same thing. And I want to ask if I am really infected with the Corona virus, if it is infected, what should I do and how to overcome it? Please answer, thank you in advance.

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Hello, thank you for asking Hello doctor

The Coronavirus 2019 novel which is now being endemic is a new type of coronavirus that is transmitted from animals to humans. This virus is a type of virus that is still the same as diseases that have become epidemic before, such as SARS and MERS. It's just that the host animal is different.

The symptoms of corona virus infection are the same as flu symptoms, such as runny nose fever, sore throat, cough, high fever, chest pain and shortness of breath.

What distinguishes a person infected by corona viru or not is, if the corona virus has 3 important things to note, namely: Fever, Cough, Severe shortness of breath. This complaint will appear after 2-14 days of infection. What is dangerous from this viral infection is if there are complications, such as pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory distress, to death. Where the complication is only a few people who have low immunity, such as diabetics, heart disease, cancer and HIV.

Prevention of corona virus itself, is very easy. WHO recommends a clean lifestyle, such as washing hands after or before eating, washing hands when exposed to bodily fluids, wearing a mask when coughing, making sure to cook until cooked, multiply nutritious food to increase body immunity.

In the interim, corona virus treatment is still in trial and development, if you experience these complaints, and with severe shortness of breath. Then immediately check yourself to the doctor. In order to do a throat swab examination, blood check, and rongten.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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