How To Overcome It Easy To Cry?

Illustration of How To Overcome It Easy To Cry?
Illustration: How To Overcome It Easy To Cry?

Hello, I want to ask how to reduce my psychic pain. I cried very easily, almost every night. Difficult to sleep especially, even to the point of not being able to sleep. Increased appetite. Taking a headache reliever doesn’t make you sleepy. Stress and panic easily. Headaches often hurt. Drowsiness but can’t sleep. Memory becomes very weak. Even desirous of killing, thinking also to take sleeping pills but consider the effect. I wonder what should I do, thank you

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Hello Triani,

Thank you for asking at

Complaints very easy to cry can occur in various circumstances, including:

 Depression Bipolar Mood Disorders Panic attacks Anxiety disorders To find out the exact cause, of course, a thorough examination must be done by a doctor. The doctor will conduct a medical interview to find out in detail about your complaints and any psychological trauma that you have ever experienced, then the doctor will do a complete examination of your mental and physical status, and conduct additional examinations that may be needed. This is useful for planning future treatment, including whether or not medication should be considered. Of course, to do it all must be done by a psychiatrist. Given the current outbreak of Corona infections that have become epidemic, if there are no complaints that are emergency, it's good to consult with a psychiatrist and maximize early treatment at home before seeing a doctor. However, if symptoms such as the onset of suicidal ideation, or uncontrolled stress immediately see a psychiatric specialist at the nearest health facility, don't forget if you have respiratory symptoms using a mask when going outside to consult.

For now things you can do:

 Manage stress well, with positive thoughts Do relaxation by doing something that you enjoy. Tell stories with people you trust about the problems you face. Get closer to God. That's all. Hope you help.

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