How To Overcome Obesity?

Illustration of How To Overcome Obesity?
Illustration: How To Overcome Obesity?

Hello, I’m Wardah. I am 36 years old. I’m really overweight. My BB is over 115kg. what I’m asking about me is my prebiotic surgery. What are the risks? Thanks

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Good morning Wardah, thank you for asking at Previously, we need to clarify that so far there has been no term prebiotic surgery in the medical world. We have tried to find a number of sources both at home and abroad but there is no mention of this type of operation. When examined from the composition of the word is also difficult to imagine, because prebiotics are nutrients for "good" bacteria that are in the body, so it is impossible to operate and it has nothing to do with obesity.

Even if there are operations related to obesity, usually it is an operation to shrink the stomach or shorten the intestine so that not much food enters and is digested, so it can be immediately disposed of in the form of feces. But before deciding that a person needs surgery to manage his body, before it first needs to be confirmed there really is no other way to reduce his weight. Because, once an operation is performed, the condition cannot be restored. The reduced stomach cannot be enlarged, and the segment of intestine that has been taken cannot be rejoined. You will need close supervision, and maybe further surgery to compensate for excess skin from significant weight loss. Not to mention the risks of the surgery itself including infection and bleeding, making surgery always the last choice for treating any medical condition.

Our advice, if you have not consulted a nutritionist to lose your weight, consult yourself first to him. Ask what is wrong with your diet, what is your ideal weight, and how your weight loss target is right for you. A nutritionist will try to choose the pattern that works best for you and doesn't torture you, and only then will you try to fail continuously or will you gain weight, perhaps up to 200 kg, surgery as a last resort because the others will not succeed. But before that, first consult your diet problem with a nutritionist, multiply exercise, and gather strong determination. So, hopefully answering your question.

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