How To Overcome Pessimism And Easily Give Up?

Illustration of How To Overcome Pessimism And Easily Give Up?
Illustration: How To Overcome Pessimism And Easily Give Up?

Hello, I am Reydika aged 17, I want to ask. So like this, I often dream about the success of whatever it is, there are still comments from people around that are not pleasant to hear, like for example “you won’t be able to do this, that etc “, so I’m mentally down. . . I want to stop right away … it’s easy to give up. . . .

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Hello Reydika

Each individual has a different perspective and personality, as well as when getting comments or criticism from others. So that there are those who are ignorant of these comments / criticisms, but some are too bring into feelings.

However, one's perspective or personality does not mean that it cannot be changed, a person can change his perspective or personality after having an experience he has gone through, or it can be influenced by the surrounding environment.

For example, someone who initially feels inferior easily and feels unable to do anything when in an environment or community that continues to motivate you to keep going, of course, slowly that person's self-confidence will slowly arise.

However, a person's perspective, personality, and psychology are complex and complex, so it is possible that even though they are already in an environment that continues to motivate that person, in fact the person remains inferior and lacks confidence. That is why a clinical psychologist or doctor needs to conduct an interview session with you in person so that you can dig up more information to find out what factors make you so easily discouraged.

Some of the following tips Reydika can try to do

Having dreams or high aspirations is good, but it would be nice if these dreams are accompanied by consideration of one's abilities. So it's hoping for the best but also prepare yourself mentally for the worst. Because the gap between hope and reality can cause stress of mind which of course can interfere with psychological health
Don't overly carry the feelings of other people's comments / criticisms, but make these comments as a trigger for you to make even more efforts to prove to them that you can.
Your dreams must be accompanied by effort, so don't expect them to be achieved without going through hard and difficult efforts. So try to do all the activities that can support the achievement of your dreams. For example, the dream of getting the best grades in school, of course, must be accompanied by efforts such as studying.
Hang out with people who are positive and tend to be encouraging, because being in an environment that tends to be negative or disruptive will actually make your spirit disappear and make you sad

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