How To Overcome Stress?

Illustration of How To Overcome Stress?
Illustration: How To Overcome Stress?

Hello Doctor. R nI am Dhani, a housewife aged 40 years. R n10 years ago, my husband died because of a traffic accident. Then me and my 2 children (at the age of 4.5 years u0026amp; 4 months) moved to my mother’s house. R n Initially there were no problems. I work in a pharmaceutical company. Then r n after a year, where I work is bankrupt u0026amp; I am the one who was laid off. r nAfter that I started to be self-employed. r nFrom there, my mother began to object to being followed by me u0026amp; 2 of my children. Indeed to eat u0026amp; Children’s pocket money, my mother gave. He was angry. Every day from morning to night. I came to think, is my mother not tired. Oh yes, … He has diabetes. R n If I get a fortune, he just pouts. He said that fortunately only proud of it. When I work in my office, I am practically like a chicken laying eggs. If I accompany him in the living room, I don’t have a job. His sugar level started to rise, I remind you, he was angry. Every day want 2-3 cups of tea. If I reduce sugar, or I replace it with sugar, he sarcastically says that I’m tired of taking care of him. My initial is still resistant. Ttp after 10 years u0026amp; the situation remained like this, I became tired, stressed u0026amp; depressed. Everyone is opposed. Even my grandmother finally returned to her house (previously lived with us ± 15 years) r nAfter my grandmother came home, I was made her favorite moon. R n r nFinally, I feel that my chest often hurts. My blood pressure is rising. Frequent fever u0026amp; diarrhea. When I go to school or not at home, I often cry. R nI don’t know how else. I have to leave my mother, I can’t have the heart? I’m not brave. Because my income is still not enough to support my two children.

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Every human being will face many social problems in his life. Piece by inch as humans age, the problems faced are increasingly piling up and getting more complicated in getting the expected solutions. So that feelings of stress or anxiety are often felt and disturbing, which can ultimately affect the health conditions concerned such as headaches, migraines, bloating, stomach disorders, chills, heavy breathing, until diarrhea can also occur.
Some problems that are often encountered by someone in his life are:
1. economic problems
2. social relations problems with family
3. social relations problems with neighbors, coworkers
4. work problems
5. health problems
Someone who faces one or several life problems that occur requires control of the problem at hand and solving problems / solutions that are right for the individual concerned.
Regarding the information you have conveyed, family and economic problems that you might face along with your suboptimal self-confidence in facing these challenges can lead to protracted anxiety and doubt in making decisions for your progress and expectations better for your child.
So, you should be able to consider independence for yourself and you, so that you are more focused and can organize your life better. Rest assured, with positive efforts, worship, draw closer to God, and pray and surrender, you will be more independent in managing your life. And rest assured, your path and your children and your relationship with your mother will be better, because this means you do not leave your mother, and you can still meet your mother. However, all this you need to prepare and consider properly so that it does not make you depressed and does not cause more severe problems. Ask God for guidance, so that your heart is determined in making whatever decision you wish.
If every problem you face can be controlled properly, it is expected to avoid physical complaints due to stress or anxiety that accompanies it. Do not forget to do a healthy lifestyle, and sufficient healthy nutrition for you and your family.
If the problems you face are increasingly disrupting your health and causing your psychological condition to be burdened, then you should consult directly with a psychiatrist and also a psychologist to be able to help you control the anxiety you feel. Treatment and education will be given according to the examination results obtained.
Thus the info we can convey.

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