How To Overcome Suicidal Thoughts?

Illustration of How To Overcome Suicidal Thoughts?
Illustration: How To Overcome Suicidal Thoughts?

Sorry, I’m confused I have to get a psychiatrist’s treatment or not. Since I was writing high school, I have felt the loss of my dreams because I did not achieve anything. I often get excited suddenly to face the future but suddenly I remember a lot of sad things I can cry for hours at night. I am more sensitive to frequent threats of suicide if my problem is not resolved immediately with my partner. And I often feel empty and bored. I also cry easily and my overreaction to trivial problems. Several times I was reluctant to meet my friends and sometimes even felt like panic if I accidentally saw my friends and then tried to stay away from my friends. I always argue I don’t want to interact because it’s a headache. But far from that there is a big urge from within to avoid my friends.

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The existence of suicidal thoughts, easy to cry, stay away from the environment or friends is one sign of depression. By definition, depression is a mood disorder with deep feelings of sadness and feelings of indifference that get stronger. As long as sadness and crying do not affect your daily life and do not affect your relationship with others, then this feeling of sadness and avoidance is still within reasonable limits. However, if this sadness has affected you and is followed by thoughts of suicidal thoughts, then this is a form of feeling that is already unnatural, and requires evaluation and professional help, both psychiatrists or psychologists.
Depression itself can arise from the small things that are not resolved, which is followed by a sense of disappointment and humble themselves than they should. Past events and harassment can be the beginning of the condition of depression in adolescents and puberty who are entering the period of looking for identity and get affection from the surrounding environment. Some of the things below can trigger depression in someone, such as:
1. Encountered many unresolved problems
2. Soluble stress dissolves
3. Experiencing past traumatic events
4. Harassment
5. Experience deep disappointment
6. Suffering from a certain medical disease
Therefore, if indeed some of the possible triggers of complaints that you feel are the cause of the complaint, then you should begin to control the condition. If you don't identify it and control it from now on, your mood will be even more uncomfortable. Complaints of depression are increasing, such as despair, being alone, crying without cause, hanging out, not caring, feeling useless, or thoughts of suicide are increasing. However, all this still needs to be ensured by your psychiatrist and you also need to discuss with your family, because after all this needs to be known by your parents in order to help control this complaint.
Some positive efforts you can try, like
1. Get closer to the creator
2. Serve well
3. Let all problems with the Creator
4. Builds revenge
5. Controlling disappointment
6. Be reasonable and not stand out in an environment without hope or proof that you are influential in an environment
7. Conducting social activities in spare time
8. Avoid daydreaming and being alone
9. Do a positive hobby
10. Form positive thoughts
11. Appreciate and forgive
12. Avoid sleeping late, accustomed to sleeping late will weaken your psychic
However, if all your efforts have been made in the next few weeks or months, but you have not been able to control it, then you consult directly with your psychiatrist or psychologist. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding this complaint. Next physical and psychiatric examination will be done to help find out your condition. Investigations can also be done to help doctors ensure the presence or absence of an underlying medical disease, such as heart problems, thyroid disorders, or digestive disorders. The results of the examination will be a reference for the doctor in providing care and supervision, so that it can help you in this self-adjustment process.
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