How To Overcome The Front Teeth Which Are Spaced?

Illustration of How To Overcome The Front Teeth Which Are Spaced?
Illustration: How To Overcome The Front Teeth Which Are Spaced?

You see, my front teeth are spaced out, so I am thinking of doing braces to close the teeth. The problem is, my back molar teeth are cavities that seem to be quite deep, and my front teeth have white spots gt, it’s been a long time ,, because when I was small until elementary school I often got sick, said the doctor, the effects of the drugs consumed, so , roughly what steps do I have to take on my cavities? Is it patched or should it be pulled out? And can the white spots on the teeth be removed? And what type of stirrup or braces can I use?

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Before installing braces, of course, doctors need to do some checks on your teeth. And usually the handling of dental problems will be done before making braces.

Braces are placed on several indications such as messy teeth, or teeth that grow not in a nomal place, the position of the upper teeth is far more advanced than the lower position or the position of the lower teeth appears to be more rapid in the position of the upper part (cameh).

If you are going to do a pair of dental braces, it is better to consult with your dentist or orthodontist to see the condition of your teeth and jaw. Examination of the x-ray may be done before the installation of these braces, in addition to that it is also a check in the form of dental molding. And if the patient's tooth condition is congested or the jaw is too tight with the arrangement of the teeth, then the doctor can pull out the teeth. One or more problematic teeth can be removed in order to make room for other teeth.

The type of braces to be used will also depend on the conditions or problems found in your teeth. Of course the dentist will be more competent in this regard, and will provide an explanation of the braces that you will use according to your needs.

For cavities, this can be treated depending on the severity. Light cavities can be treated in the form of fillings only, but if the condition of cavities cannot be saved, for example, the root canal is dead, then teeth are usually extracted. In principle, as long as the teeth can be maintained, cavities should not be removed.

Here are some ways to handle cavities:

Providing fluoride, if the hole in the tooth is still in the initial stage, aka very small, fluoride may be used as a solution to help restore damaged tooth enamel. Patching teeth Make brown teeth, for more severe tooth decay or brittle teeth, doctors will likely make the teeth brown. Root canal treatment, is needed if the decay has reached the inside of the tooth (pulp) or nerves that have died. Tooth extraction is done if decay in the tooth is so severe that it cannot be recovered and must be removed. The treatment will be given depending on the results of your dentist's direct examination. Therefore you should consult the problem with your dentist. Avoid taking action on your teeth to the dental technician to avoid unwanted complications.

To keep your teeth from cavities, it is very important to take care of your teeth, for example by brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day at least after breakfast and before going to bed. Clean your teeth with dental floss to clean leftover food between your teeth. Drink enough water. And check your dental health at least 2 times a year to find out the condition of dental health so that it remains good.

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