How To Overcome Tongue-tie In Infants After Using A Pacifier?

Illustration of How To Overcome Tongue-tie In Infants After Using A Pacifier?
Illustration: How To Overcome Tongue-tie In Infants After Using A Pacifier?

I want to ask in the afternoon. My child is only 2 months 15 days. When the age of 1 month the bb did not go up instead it dropped 4 ounces. From birth to 1 month my child feeds directly to the breast but often comes off, cries and easily falls asleep, before deciding to the family’s pediatrician to order an ASI pump and put on a pacifier, until now my child drinks ASI through a pacifier and is assisted with milk. Then I went to the pediatrician. And my pediatrician said there was a gland, I was shocked but when the pediatrician made the wrong diagnosis. But as time went by I noticed something different on my baby’s tongue, the lower tongue strap attached to the lower gum and the upper tongue strap slightly advanced. What are the symptoms of tongue tai? Is my action wrong giving breast milk through a pacifier and now the baby does not want to feed to the breast. Please help.

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Hi Novi,

Thank you for the question.

Indeed, introducing babies who are still very small with a pacifier can make a baby confused nipples and cause him to lazy suckle directly from the breast. Not only that, the baby does not want to suckle to the breast can also be due to too little milk flow, too heavy, poor attachment (including due to tongue tie), fatigue during breastfeeding (for example in babies with congenital heart disease or premature babies), and many other factors. If this step is circumvented in an inappropriate way, for example by giving milk substitutes other than breast milk, and this milk does not suit your baby's condition, then the impact of your child's nutritional status can be disrupted. This may make the weight is not optimal.

If it is true that you are observing, where there is a strap that attaches the lower gum to your baby's tongue, then it is possible that this condition refers to tongue tie. As mentioned above, tongue tie can also be an obstacle to a baby feeding directly from the mother's nipple. If the doctor says your baby has glands (which usually refers to inflammation of the lymph nodes, or often called lymphadenitis), then this condition can also underlie your baby's optimal weight.

There are very many possibilities that cause your baby's current condition. To be clear, you need to consult this directly with your doctor or pediatrician who is caring for your baby. That way, he also can provide a solution. If it is true that your baby is experiencing tongue tie, often this condition will improve with minimal surgery. As for the glands the doctor is referring to, it is necessary to explore more possible causes before finding a solution.

To help your baby suckle your breast, here are our suggestions:

Stop using nipples as a substitute for nipple breast media when feeding, replace with a spoon, cupfeeder, or dropper
Increase milk production by drinking more water, diligently milking milk every 2 hours, eating a variety of nutritious foods, do not carelessly use birth control, and do not think too much
Teach your baby to suckle directly from your breast, by breastfeeding regularly 1-2 hours, do not wait until he is too thirsty so as not to run amok
Do not hesitate to consult directly with lactation counselors if necessary

Hope this helps ...

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