How To Overcome Toxoplasmosis?

I want to ask, I had a miscarriage and he said I got toxo or cat bacteria, and my question was how to get rid of that bacteria?

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Toxoplasmosis is an infection in humans caused by a protozoan, Toxoplasma gondii, which is found in cat litter, undercooked meat so that the spread that occurs is animal to human except in pregnant women can spread to the fetus with symptoms in the form of impaired growth and development of the fetus until with fetal death.

In healthy people, usually infection from toxoplasma will not cause symptoms, but in some cases mild symptoms such as fever, fatigue, muscle aches, inflammation, enlargement of lymph nodes and will improve in 6 weeks.

The examination begins by looking at the symptoms and then checking for antibodies to the parasite. Based on laboratory results for antibodies, the diagnosis of acute infection needs to be distinguished from false positives.

The first check is to look at IgM antibodies (generally precludes infections that are currently in progress and IgG (in general that indicates past infection)

If IgM is positive, IgG is positive à 2 weeks later IgG increases at least 4x à acute infection
IgM positive, IgG positive à 2 weeks later IgG remains, you should check IgG avidity.

If IgG avidity is low à acute infection

If high IgG avidity is false positive acute infection, the infection is past

If IgM is negative, IgG is positive à past infection
Treatment can be done by using drugs that are usually in the form of drugs with antiparasitic content, there will be differences in drug selection for someone suspected of being toxoplasmois or has established toxoplasmosis and will also be differentiated for those who are pregnant according to gestational age. We recommend that for the selection of drugs consult directly with obstetricians or specialists in internal medicine.

The most important thing is to prevent exposure to Toxoplasma.

Use gloves when gardening or holding the ground.
Avoid eating raw or undercooked meat.
Wash hands before and after handling food, and all kitchen utensils thoroughly after cooking raw meat.
Always wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.
For those who care for cats, it should still maintain the health of these animals, and use gloves when cleaning the place of poop. Avoid raising wild cats, because they are susceptible to parasites. gondii.
Give cats dry or canned food rather than raw meat.
Cover the sandbox for children's playground so that the cat does not use it to remove poop.

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